Millea. A family history.
Millea. A family history.

Help us build our family tree!

Welcome to the Millea Family History website.

Using this website, my aim is to connect Millea's from all corners of the world and ultimately build our family tree.

To accomplish this I need a little help from you. If you know a Millea, please send them to this website so they can join in the fun. If you are a Millea why not join and help me complete your part of the family puzzle.

This is a picture of my nan and grandad, Emily & Mickey Millea, inside you will find lots more pictures which I'm certain will bring back fond memories for a lot of you.

I really hope you do join in and help me create our family tree.
Thanks and enjoy the site.
Pete Millea.

Happy Birthday 16 years
Happy Birthday Thomas Millea!
Thomas Millea
Born in Liverpool 16 years years ago today!

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Tuesday 24th May 2016 16:19:43
Just been having a read of the website, been such a long time since I was on there.
Sunday 8th November 2015 16:32:35
Hi All, About a week ago I received a message from a lady asking about our name, roots etc. so I'm throwing it...
Saturday 31st October 2015 07:46:48
Morning all! It's been a while since the last post as have been extremely busy. So, how are we finding the...
Saturday 11th July 2015 09:42:33
Happy Birthday Tina Millea. R.I.P. x Thinking of you P
Saturday 23rd May 2015 10:02:22
Happy Birthday Karen Millea, have a lovely day! (no, not my Karen)
Saturday 28th March 2015 10:20:11
Morning all! :) Is there anyone out there whom would like to help out over at the website? I will still be doing...
Monday 16th March 2015 23:14:44
Added the image of the other boat, come take a look.
Saturday 14th March 2015 17:09:08
Boo! (did I make you jump?) Right, I've just added a bucket load of Millea's into the family tree, go take a...
Friday 13th March 2015 19:09:56
Evening all! :) Don't worry I haven't forgotten about you, I have been extremely busy in a new job. Over the...
Tuesday 10th March 2015 11:22:54
Morning all! :) Guys and Gals I have a massive list of names sent in by a few of you. I shall endeavour to add...
Monday 9th March 2015 13:41:49
Woohoo, we've gone past 10 thousand hits! #HappyDays :)
Sunday 8th March 2015 21:18:46
I've just added another generation into the tree! We are now at seven, yes seven generations of Milleas The...
Saturday 7th March 2015 19:47:47
The family tree now spans 6 generations!
Saturday 7th March 2015 13:00:16
Seaman Thomas Patrick Millea - Accident Report
Saturday 7th March 2015 11:30:57
Family tree is fixed - all spouses are next to their partners where they belong! Come take a look.
Friday 6th March 2015 13:17:23
Friday 6th March 2015 12:44:57
Thomas Francis Millea 'old millea' as he was known. My grandads grandad. Picture kindly sent to me by Mick...
Thursday 5th March 2015 22:24:43
I thought I'd take a look at the stats, see how the site is doing after nearly a week. Pleasantly surprised...
Thursday 5th March 2015 14:38:36
Take a look at this article I've just added to the history section. Quite interesting.
Thursday 5th March 2015 11:41:03
Ya'll have figured out clicking pictures zooms them right? Thought so. Did you also know you can leave a message...

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